The Office of Financial Planning administers and monitors the University’s annual budget.  We are committed to supporting the strategic vision of the University by building financial projections consistent with the University’s strategic goals and plans while ensuring accountability and effective resource allocation through ongoing performance analysis and effective budgetary controls.

Who We Are

Diane Singh
Assistant Vice-President

Responsible for the development, planning and monitoring of the University’s operating budget. Supports the University’s long-range, strategic financial planning process ensuring consistency with the University’s strategic plan.

Hamza Lazrak

Plans and executes the University budget preparation and consolidation process. Responsible for all University internal and external submissions requiring budgetary, financial performance information. Serves as a liaison with the technology teams to plan, manage and improve the information systems involved in the above mentioned processes.

Janet Medina

Specializes in enrollment–driven (tuition, fees, and waivers) revenue projections and analysis, ensuring consistency with strategic plans and ratio objectives. Analyzes tuition, fees and waivers results and impact to the University’s objectives and targets. Performs analysis on personnel and financial aid funds. Serves as liaison to the University community for inquiries relating to enrollment-driven revenues and Financial Aid funds.

Vanessa Morera
Senior Financial Analyst

Supports the Office of Financial Planning in the financial analysis of personnel data, serves as the point of contact for all matters related to the Salary Float process and Board of Governors employee submission files. During the budget season, oversees the integrity of the position data and works closely with the units by providing guidance with the budget tools and reports in PantherSoft.

Collette O’Meally
Senior Financial Analyst

Specialist for tracking, analyzing and reporting on University state appropriations, monitors the state legislative sessions and changes in the state economic conditions. Administers the Critical Investment process by compiling all requests, maintaining records of fund allocations, and tracking expenditures against allocations. Prepares the annual Expenditure Analysis and performs analysis of the Student Activity funds. Serves as the liaison to non-academic units.

Patricia Parodi Ocampo
Financial Analyst

Responsible for preparing, analyzing and monitoring on the Financial Aid funds. Serves as a liaison on inquires related to Financial Aid. Supports and assist in tuition and fee related questions and inquires.

Ana Lorenzo
Senior Coordinator Administrative Services

Provides administrative support in the operation of the Office of Financial Planning, and Auxiliary and Enterprise Department. Acts as budget manager and Human Resources liaison, coordinates, and provides logistic support for all departmental and University-Wide meetings.